Myself in Words

I feel fortunate to have met all the people that make my family and friends, for they make a part of me I can never forsake. I am thankful to have been able to learn more about my Lord. He has guided me through much and, I swear by his perfect name, I was never worthy. I've learned lessons through many means, and this has opened my heart and mind, teaching me to seek the message in every moment of life. I try to remember to stay humble, all the while carrying that air of honor my father bore me with. I love my siblings past words and expressions. I want to travel the Earth, and appreciate its glorious beauty. I want to give so much to the poor and needy. Reading and writing is my escape, they were my two companions growing up. I build bonds with characters and stories - that being said, ATLA is my all-time favorite. I wish to perfect myself through patience and compassion. I think sorrow is necessary in life. I've never been able to truly connect with people in life except for a few - and these few are precious to me. I love hunny buns. I know I spelled hunny wrong, but I think it should be spelled that way. I want to pass so much on to my children. At the end of my life, I want to look back and not regret the best and worst - for they were ordained alike, to bring me near, to expose God to myself, and myself to the world. This though, will not change my view on my uncountable sins, and my parting words will remain "Forgive me, my Lord. I am not the most worthy of your servants, but I truly am the most needy"   


Learned Lessons: The Perceived Failures

Negativity is always perceived as just that - negative. And failure,being an extended form of negativity, suffers from the same influence. But I've learned that failure isn't a negative thing. And I'm sure you've heard it from many, many others. But, this kind of lesson isn't the type you read and understand. It is the type you live and discover. You must first fail, and accept failure, to possibly think it a positive experience. You must open yourself to progression whether it is through success or failure. I've learned that what breaks me can build me as well. In the end, the shattered pieces help make the completed bridge.

"What hurts you, blesses you
Darkness is your candle 
Your boundaries are your quest"  

                         ~ Rumi